Advantages and Disadvantages of Hardwood Floors

The floors in homes normally reflect the image of the homeowner and that’s why you should hire a professional expert to install them. Today, there are many floor types in the market where the buyers can choose depending on their tastes and choices. Depending on people’s tastes, all types will give a new appearance to homes. Out of all these types, hardwood flooring is among the latest flooring type that is being considered by many people for their houses

Advantages of hardwood flooring

1. Versatility
Depending on your preference, hardwood floors can be stained and refinished in order to match your décor. A hardwood floor expert can sand and stain hardwood floors to get numerous looks, from mahogany to cherry and beyond. Also, the hardwood floor experts will have well-trained sales representatives who will assist you in designing custom wood flooring. There are many wood inlay types with different patterns to choose from. However, if you need a rustic look in the living room, and an elegant atmosphere in the dining room, you can get help from the local hardwood floor expert. The experts are also capable of doing historical renovations

2. Strength and longevity
Some other kinds of wood flooring may look like hardwood, but the resemblance ends there. Hardwood flooring provides strong and resistant flooring to animal scratches, foot traffic and other day to day threats. The natural strength of hardwood gives it a long lasting life than other competing floor coverings and also assists in adding value to properties

3. Easy maintenance
Hardwood floors are the most strong and durable floor which can take any challenge on its durability. You can still find some homes with approximately a hundred years with shining hardwood floors. The floors simply need vacuuming and proper maintenance in order to have a prolonged life. Occasional cleaning is good for the hardwood floors but should be done using wood floor cleaner only

4. Value
Most homeowners who understand the benefits, as well as costs of hardwood flooring, can give out any amount for the deal. Properties, where hardwood floors are installed, tend to get a quicker market when compared properties with other floors. The builders will always reflect the benefit to the seller by installing these floors in the respective homes. Due to the rising demand for hardwood floors, many homeowners are taking it as a worthy investment option

5. Great styles
They normally come in different styles from where you can choose one depending on your taste and preference. The styles come in both traditional and modern formats. They are also available in various shades and textures such as walnut, oak, and cherry. These floors can also be sanded with respect to the owner’s taste, although it’s important for one to understand the process of cleaning hardwood floors in order to get better results.

6. Health
Hardwood floors are normally considered hypoallergenic, unlike carpets. They don’t trap dust, dirt, pollen and other particles which create a safer environment for everyone to live in including those with allergy troubles

Disadvantages of hardwood floors

a. They are expensive
This is the biggest challenge associated with hardwood flooring. In order to get the best hardwood floors, you must be willing and ready to spend. You also have to incur some costs for the installation because DIY isn’t recommended as it can further increase the costs. A professional installer is required in order to get the best floor

b. Additional costs on maintenance
It’s a fact that hardwood flooring requires low maintenance. However, they occasionally require professional attention. Natural wood normally attracts termites; which makes people who opt for hardwood flooring to invest in certain treatments to prevent the attacks

c. destruction by stagnant pools
Stagnant pools can easily cause havoc to hardwood floors. Apart from the regular maintenance, the floors need to polished and finished with polyurethane clothing after every 3 to 4 years to have a long life span, especially in industrial and commercial settings where the floor is subjected to daily contact. The maintenance requires some special equipment which comes at a relatively hefty price, and most specifically if the area is large

In conclusion, these are some of the pros and cons of hardwood flooring in a property. You need to weigh between the pros and cons before considering any flooring type. Remember that hardwood flooring will increase your property reselling value. 

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