What to Look for in a Home Windows Installation & Repair Company

When you need new windows installed in your home or office, better understand this is a delicate situation. It would not be smart to put this task at the hands of an amateur. You must make sure you are dealing with people who know what they are doing. Besides, you would not want to waste time with people who just learned to install windows a few days ago. They may end up breaking your windows and you will end up regretting your decision of hiring them. Here are the characteristics you must look for in home windows installation & repair professionals:

You can’t afford to have late professionals come in. They will delay all the activities so better only deal with those who arrive on time. Thus, better check their track record to make sure that they will arrive at your home on time. After all, you can’t spend all day minding what they do. You have other things to do so it would be better if they arrive on time so they could also finish on time. In fact, it would even be better if they arrive earlier than expected.

Complete with Materials
It would be hard to deal with people who don’t arrive with complete equipment. They will tell you to buy them more materials. Besides, they would finish faster if they already have everything they need. They would not need to call their main office just to send them additional materials. You will definitely feel upset if that happens since you want everything to be over with. It would be hard if the professionals only have the basic tools and would only order additional tools once they know what the problem is. Of course, they should already be familiar with what the problem before they go there. They should have found that out over the phone.

Great Reputation
If there is one thing money can’t buy, it is a great reputation. Thus, if a company was able to garner a great reputation from its customers, you know they are a keeper. It is pretty hard to please someone especially those who think too highly of themselves. Unfortunately, there are some people who think they should be given VIP treatment all the time.

Believe it or not, some companies would still go to all lengths just to please these people. They know they would want to build a good reputation as it is important in any industry. It is definitely a lot easier said than done as you are going to encounter a lot of hard-headed customers.

Long Experience
If they have been installing and repairing windows for a long time, you can expect them to already know what to do. They won’t need to spend much time figuring out what went wrong if the windows need repairing. In addition, they won’t need to spend a few minutes just to figure out the measurements of the space for the window. They should have brought their measuring devices already so they would know what needs to be done immediately.

This is one situation when you should never waste your time. There are a lot of things that need to be done so always know when the company started its operations. If they have been installing windows for more than a decade then you know you are in good hands. If they only got their license last year then you may be in big trouble.

After knowing what you must look for in a home windows installation & repair company, you must get some recommendations. It is no secret your neighbors found some good companies they dealt with since the final product looks great. Once you get a good look at their windows, you know deep down inside you they were able to get them properly installed.

Unless they install windows for a living, there is a good chance they did not install the windows themselves. Thus, get some recommendations from them so you will deal with a good company. In fact, you may even get some advice from them if they are kind enough to tell you what they’ve learned. That’s not really important anyway as the important thing is they served you properly from start to end.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Hardwood Floors

The floors in homes normally reflect the image of the homeowner and that’s why you should hire a professional expert to install them. Today, there are many floor types in the market where the buyers can choose depending on their tastes and choices. Depending on people’s tastes, all types will give a new appearance to homes. Out of all these types, hardwood flooring is among the latest flooring type that is being considered by many people for their houses

Advantages of hardwood flooring

1. Versatility
Depending on your preference, hardwood floors can be stained and refinished in order to match your décor. A hardwood floor expert can sand and stain hardwood floors to get numerous looks, from mahogany to cherry and beyond. Also, the hardwood floor experts will have well-trained sales representatives who will assist you in designing custom wood flooring. There are many wood inlay types with different patterns to choose from. However, if you need a rustic look in the living room, and an elegant atmosphere in the dining room, you can get help from the local hardwood floor expert. The experts are also capable of doing historical renovations

2. Strength and longevity
Some other kinds of wood flooring may look like hardwood, but the resemblance ends there. Hardwood flooring provides strong and resistant flooring to animal scratches, foot traffic and other day to day threats. The natural strength of hardwood gives it a long lasting life than other competing floor coverings and also assists in adding value to properties

3. Easy maintenance
Hardwood floors are the most strong and durable floor which can take any challenge on its durability. You can still find some homes with approximately a hundred years with shining hardwood floors. The floors simply need vacuuming and proper maintenance in order to have a prolonged life. Occasional cleaning is good for the hardwood floors but should be done using wood floor cleaner only

4. Value
Most homeowners who understand the benefits, as well as costs of hardwood flooring, can give out any amount for the deal. Properties, where hardwood floors are installed, tend to get a quicker market when compared properties with other floors. The builders will always reflect the benefit to the seller by installing these floors in the respective homes. Due to the rising demand for hardwood floors, many homeowners are taking it as a worthy investment option

5. Great styles
They normally come in different styles from where you can choose one depending on your taste and preference. The styles come in both traditional and modern formats. They are also available in various shades and textures such as walnut, oak, and cherry. These floors can also be sanded with respect to the owner’s taste, although it’s important for one to understand the process of cleaning hardwood floors in order to get better results.

6. Health
Hardwood floors are normally considered hypoallergenic, unlike carpets. They don’t trap dust, dirt, pollen and other particles which create a safer environment for everyone to live in including those with allergy troubles

Disadvantages of hardwood floors

a. They are expensive
This is the biggest challenge associated with hardwood flooring. In order to get the best hardwood floors, you must be willing and ready to spend. You also have to incur some costs for the installation because DIY isn’t recommended as it can further increase the costs. A professional installer is required in order to get the best floor

b. Additional costs on maintenance
It’s a fact that hardwood flooring requires low maintenance. However, they occasionally require professional attention. Natural wood normally attracts termites; which makes people who opt for hardwood flooring to invest in certain treatments to prevent the attacks

c. destruction by stagnant pools
Stagnant pools can easily cause havoc to hardwood floors. Apart from the regular maintenance, the floors need to polished and finished with polyurethane clothing after every 3 to 4 years to have a long life span, especially in industrial and commercial settings where the floor is subjected to daily contact. The maintenance requires some special equipment which comes at a relatively hefty price, and most specifically if the area is large

In conclusion, these are some of the pros and cons of hardwood flooring in a property. You need to weigh between the pros and cons before considering any flooring type. Remember that hardwood flooring will increase your property reselling value. 

Perfect Home Improvement Apps Anyone Can Use!

Technology has advanced in more ways than we could ever imagine. The best part about this is there are actually mobile apps available today for iOS and Android platforms specifically designed to aid in home improvement guides, designing, and other solutions. We’ve compiled a list of a few home improvement apps you can download for free!

Free Mobile Home Improvement Apps

iHandy Level

If you don’t have a tool on hand to get perfect level measurements, this app will serve you well.

Handyman Calculator

This is great when you’re doing construction-based number crunching. However, it is only available for free on the Android platform.


Would you believe us if we told you there’s an app which creates floor plans using the photos you’ve taken on your phone of the rooms you’ve been scoping out? Yes, magicplan is that app!


An all-in-one app which includes a home improvement browser, a level tool, conversion calculator and a lot more.


Do you need to hire a contractor? You can download this free app to scout for reputable contractors.


If you’re looking for good recommendations for the general handyman contractor for the odd jobs around the house, you need to check this app out!


Just like we have Wikipedia for all kinds of interesting information, there is also WikiHow. This free download has every how-to guide on all things including DIY with pictures and tutorials. Winner!


Almost everyone in the world adores this free app. It’s great for everything but better for home improvement inspiration, project suggestions, and sharing your ideas with the rest of the online world.

The Home Depot

Yes, you read that correctly. Home Depot has a free downloadable app which enables you to; make your hardware shopping lists at home, order it at the same time, as well as let you either get it delivered to your front door or your nearest Home Depot store.

What would we do without the advances in technology in the 21st century?

Handy Furniture Repair Tools For Your Toolbox

If you’re a beginner DYIer, you’ll need a couple of basic tools to get your project going. An investment in these kinds of tools will serve you well for many years to come. Once you’ve finished your first project, there will be more projects to follow. Not because you have no choice but to do more but because you’ll want to do more of these things. It will definitely be your new hobby.

Below, we’ve compiled a brief list of some tools which will come in handy at some point of any given project.

  • Saw
  • Clamp
  • Wood glue
  • A range of sandpaper with various grits such as a moderate grit of 80 and a fine grit around 300 or so.
  • Paint stripper
  • Flathead screwdrivers
  • Hammer
  • Measuring tape
  • A range of paintbrushes from small to large.

Now to elaborate on some further information about some of the tools we’ve mentioned.

Types of Hammers

Rubber Mallet

A very handy hammer to have if you want to avoid denting furniture materials.

Wood Mallet

You might never need this gadget. However, when you have a project that requires a chisel, this is the solution!

Other Useful Gadgets

A Screwdriver Set

This is a good thing to invest in as a complete set. A set of these will consist of varying sizes of screwdrivers. Each size is needed at any point in time. Look for a set that has a range of large-bladed and flat-headed screwdrivers.

Forceful Clamps

Clamps have more uses than you can imagine. Need glued wooden joints to firmly stick together while the glue sets? Clamps do that trick!

Powerful Pliers

Your usual standard pliers will fix a majority of repair and refurbish projects. However, there are two other types of pliers which are useful to have. Long-nosed pliers aid in getting to not-so-easy places. The second type is the end-cutting pliers which are fantastic for pulling out stubborn nail heads.

These guidelines serve as valuable information that shall set you on a rewarding path of furniture repairs and refurbishing.

Furniture Restoration Tips and Tricks

Sometimes, there comes a time in your life when you decide to spend a lazy Sunday strolling through secondhand and antique furniture shops. Usually, it’s just an excuse to get out of the house for an afternoon. Except this time you’ve spotted a piece of wooden furniture that you’re determined to take home and refurbish.

All is good and well until you have no idea what to do with an old piece of furniture that needs a revamp in order to match your interior decorating. We’ve decided to give you some handy advice to get you set in the right direction of furniture refurbishing!

Tips and Tricks

Do You Have Time?

Any kind of refurbishing project takes time, especially if it involves dusty antiques. Are you prepared to spend all hours of your weekend doing this?

Is It Worth It?

Furniture refurbishment is an exciting challenge. However, does the cost of fixing the furniture exceed the price you paid for it? Do the maths before the buying.

How, What, Where

If you have no idea where to go for tools or what kind of tools are used for whatever, there are numerous reading materials available online or at your local bookstore.

Think First, Revamp Later

Whatever project you take on involving chemicals or sanding machinery, you need to wear protective gear. Long-sleeved shirts, long pants, closed shoes, and safety goggles are a good start. After all, you don’t want to inhale paint fumes or get dust in your eyes.

Clean Before The Gleam

Any old piece of furniture is bound to have years of dirt buildup. It’s best to give the furniture a good wipe down with a damp cloth. For furniture that has intricate detailing, an old soft toothbrush will do the trick.

Patient Painting

If you’re recreating the look of your piece of furniture, it’s ideal to sand it down to get a completely smooth surface to repaint, varnish, or even decoupage. Ultimately, you want a perfect and professional-looking final product.

Now go for it!