Video Gallery

It’s great to read up on just about anything these days but it is also super helpful when you get to pair new knowledge with videos to guide you through a step-by-step process. Below, you will find great videos based on home improvement projects and general handyman advice!

Refurbishing Guide

If you want to get smashing ideas and advice for simple refurbishing projects, be sure to check this video out. What’s even better is that the advice you’re given in the video is by a qualified interior decorator!

The Ultimate Toolbox

It’s invariably a great help when you are a beginner in wooden furniture refurbishing with no idea on what tools you need to start your new hobby. This video is fantastic with valuable information about all basic woodworking tools you’ll need for your first project.

DIY Furniture Restoration

A quick and simple video to check out if you’re a beginner in wooden furniture restoration. The video gives you a glimpse into just how easy it is to refurbish an old piece of wooden furniture and turn it into something brand new!